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The Lullaby

Title- The Lullaby
Author- IloveMckay
Rating- G
Summary- “John thought he was dreaming when he woke to the soft murmur of a piano”

Authors notes- hey all, my first time writing this in verse! This idea just came to me while I was reading the stories and I thought I should submit it, also because this AU is probably my absolute favorite out of all the ones I’ve read.

Here’s the link for the piano song featured in the fic AND look further if you want to hear how the lyrics fit with the song (how it’s sung)-

The Lullaby

The moon shone high above the Mckay- Sheppard house hold as the night dwelled on. Caden was finally sleeping in his own bed quietly and john was wrapped around Rodney.

All was still until, over the baby monitor came a wail.

“God, how long was it that time? Twenty minutes?” john asked in a tired voice as he went to get up but Rodney stopped him.

“I’ll do it this time, just go back to sleep.” He said as he sat up. John smiled greatfully up at Rodney and plopped back down on the bed.

The last thing he heard was soft foot steps and the door shutting before sleep claimed him.


John thought he was dreaming when he heard the soft murmur of the piano echoing from down stairs.

The soothing melody washed over him in light waves but as he opened the door and started down the stairs he heard a murmur of singing with the piano.

"I don't care if you have summer's golden brow with wind worn eyes,
Lift me higher with your laughter; winds with dust can't reach that high,
I can take it if it's winter's crystal caves of snow and ice,
My heart's ablaze when I feel the fire in your newborn eyes."

He made his way quietly to where the piano was kept in the living room and looked in. Caden was curled in his blankets on the couch and Rodney was at the piano.

"With a message all your own
Even now before you're grown
My baby, my lovely baby!"

Rodney’s voice held a calming and gently tone as he sung lightly to the sleeping bundle with a smile and john watched quietly. He leaned against the wall as he listened to rodneys lullaby with a grin.

"Flowers grow in springtime when their color paints our world again,
As we learn to love ourselves we grow into a "me" and then
Fall into the leaves of childhood games of tag and hide and seek,
You are free to choose the flower you like best or like the least,

You're the hope of time to come
But until that season comes
Sleep safely, my lovely baby!

Time will pass and you will see your childhood come and fly away,
Days of endless running laughter down the paths which you will lay,
Resting by the shady streams that hold your soul along the way
Peace will find you knowing that the child inside will always stay.

Trust yourself in all you do
For your heart is pure and true
My baby, my lovely baby!"

When the song finished john walked in careful not to wake Caden and wrapped his arms around rodney. His heart warmed by his words.

“How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to know you can carry a tune. That was Beautiful rodney, where did you learn that?” john asked as he sat next to him.

“It was something I just made up… The melody I mean, the lyrics I wrote the day after we brought him to our room. I felt creative and i wanted to give him something special.” He said as he looked to the sleeping bundle.

John got up and kneeled next to Caden, “You hear that Padawan…you’ve got a very special papa. He doesn’t write music for everyone…and not only that he doesn’t sing for anyone either…not even your daddy.” He whispered before he leaned down and kissed Cadens head gently.

“Well maybe I might if you stop hounding me about it.” Rodney replied playfully and quietly as John picked up Caden.

“Come on, we gotta get this little one back in his own bed.”

They walked up the stairs as quietly as possible, freezing a moment whenever the stair creaked and whined.

Eventually they made it to Caden’s room and set him down. Rodney tucked Caden in with a smile as he grinned in his sleep.

“Come on Mr. Song writer, time to get back to bed.” John said as he laced his fingers with Rodney.

With one last grin and glance at their beautiful sleeping baby boy they went to their bed. And with the memory of the calming tune, they drifted to sleep.

A/N- well there you have it! The plot bunny that had been hounding me to write this ever since i started reading this verse. Hope you liked it.

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